One of the things that stops us from making our workout regime more efficient is not always a lack of motivation or will power. Instead, it’s misinformation.

You know, bad fitness advice.

I hear people giving out bad fitness advice all the time. I read it, too. Over the years I’ve visited a variety of fitness communities, and while there are a lot of good people at these places, they are largely unregulated.

This means that self-proclaimed gurus are everywhere. Annoyingly, it’s these people that talk the loudest and en-trance budding fitness enthusiasts with misinformation. So what happens is that our exercise regimes became even more inefficient! Not cool.

In this article, we’re going to separate the wheat from the chaff, and correct misinformation by replacing it with solid advice that will actually work.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 useful tips for the most efficient exercising.

Know What Your Limits Are

We might not want to admit it, but the truth is that we all have our limits. I’ve literally lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen folk grimace in pain or give up way too early, simply because they didn’t know their limits – and consequently overstepped them.

Put it this way: If you have no idea what your limits actually are, how will you ever know what your potential is?

Figuring out your limits is not easy, which is why I recommend hiring a coach. Alternatively, if you feel too comfortable, consider challenging yourself with something outside your comfort zone.

Without Pain, There Is No Gain

It’s true that without pain there is no gain.

But when there is too much pain and you keep on going … well, you’re just being silly.

To get the most out of your exercises, it’s important to know when to give yourself a break.

After an awesome workout session your heart rate will most likely be jacked up, and you’ll wake up feeling sore. Perhaps you’ll have some muscle burn.

If so, you’ve done well. You’ve really pushed yourself to the limits! Congrats.

But instead of carrying on and fighting through the pain, it’s a much better idea to give yourself some rest.

Create Some Variety In Your Regime

Variety is the spice of life, and it also makes for more efficient exercising when you create variety in your training.

Any good workout regime needs variable that are modified to fit specific purposes. But as much as anything else, variety stops you from getting bored.

If you keep doing the same thing, day in and day out, boredom will inevitably set in. And it can make you resent what you’re doing.

Don’t be scared of completely turning around your workouts so that you stay sharp and motivated. If you’re a power lifter, then throw some yoga into the mix! Keep things fresh and surprise yourself with what you’re going to try today. Give yourself something different to look forward to.

Be Realistic

It’s hard to be efficient if you’re not being realistic about what you can achieve. For a better chance of success, it’s important that you forget about perfection and focus on goals that can be achieved.

Instead of deciding that you want to run in a 5K by the end of the month, be realistic about your targets. Make incremental improvements by setting short-term goals that build up to the bigger one.

Get The Shovel Out

Not only is it important to make your workout regiment more efficient, but it’s also important to make your overall day more efficient by using your time wisely.

For example, there are probably a few everyday chores that you usually pass onto a man, which YOU could be doing yourself.

Such as shovelling your drive! Sure, this is usually a man’s job. But when you get the shovel out yourself, you’re getting in some exercise before you’ve even hit the gym for the day. You’re being smart – and efficient.

Visualise Your Success

It can be really easy to lose sight of our goals if we don’t visualise them. And once we lose sight of them, we slow down. We become inefficient, and our regime suffers as a result.

The best athletes and sports men and women train their minds, as well as their bodies for ultimate success. They visualise their goals, and they visualise themselves achieving those goals.

Imagine the emotions you might experience after a solid, efficient workout where everything went right. Picture it all.

If you can picture it – you can do it.

Do Something You Enjoy

If you don’t enjoy something, you’re going to find it hard to summon the motivation each day to workout.

Choose something that’s convenient, and which makes you happy. The last thing you want is to be miserable!

Set Some Time Aside To Recover

During my obsession with fitness (we’ve all been obsessed at some point!), I wished I could train 24/7. I wanted to be in the gym all the time.

Unfortunately, I could’t (the security men wouldn’t let me).

But not only would the building not let me in after midnight, my body wouldn’t have been able to take it.

Your body needs time to recover. You might not want to admit this, but it’s true. You are not a machine!

After a workout, fill yourself up with carbs. Refuel properly, and get enough sleep each night. Stay hydrated with glasses of water.

Remember this mantra: Train and recover.

Early For The Bus? Go For A Walk!

If you’ve arrived at the bus stop only to realise that you’re fifteen minutes early, you should use this time wisely. Instead of standing around waiting for a bus, why not burn a few calories by taking a quick walk?

Chart Your Progress

You can use a fitness report card to stay motivated. Jot down few subjects, such as Flexibility, Cardio and Attitude, and chart your progress each time you workout.

You will soon see where you need to improve, and this means that you won’t ever stagnate. You’ll always be moving forward, and you’ll be tightening up your routine.