Create a Happier Life for Yourself in Just 90 Days.

How to Create a Happier Life with the Enneagram uses the incredibly versatile structure of the Enneagram to teach the happiness skills of the world’s most effective people. We’ve combined the best research on what makes people happy and effective in their life with centuries-old spiritual practices proven to increase the mind’s set point for happiness. This powerful combination not only produces the life management skills used by the happiest and most effective people, it actually reshapes your mind to end all unhappiness habits forever.

We have packaged this information in an affordable program written in plain, easy-to-understand language. With no religious or cultural affiliation, you can change your life in 60 to 90 days with a commitment of no more than 2 hours per week.

This program was designed to help you answer these questions about happiness:

  • Who am I? — Discover the “you” behind your personality. Learn how your personality functions at its best and at its worst. Find out how to use this information to create your best life.
  • What is happiness? — Learn the three most common happiness myths that make you unhappy and how to end their influence over your life.
  • What do I really want out of life? — Understand the motivations that drive us all and how to use this to become more directed in your actions and decisions.
  • What’s my emotional style?  — Learn how you react to stress, challenge and frustration in your relationships. Develop emotional mastery with a simple 3-step process that has worked for centuries.
  • How can I have happier relationships? — Develop greater social intelligence and strengthen both your personal and professional relationships with simple “connection” practices.
  • How do I keep my life in balance? — Learn to use the “internal monitors” built into your personality.
  • How do I spot toxic people and situations? — Find out how to use the “early warning system” of your personality to spot trouble before it happens.
  • How can I be my most effective? — Use the flow of your personality to be your most effective self at home, work and socially.
  • What are my blind spots that interfere with my happiness and success?— Learn to see your most self-defeating behaviors and turn them into your strengths.
  • How do I break my unhappiness habits? – Learn simple spiritual practices to establish a lifestyle that promotes happiness. Break your unhappiness habits in 60 to 90 days.

book-cover-spine-3dup-paper-150x216How to Create a Happier Life with the Enneagram was designed as a self-guided home study program to work at your convenience. The comprehensive book coaches you through the techniques that actually re-shape the way your mind works for greater happiness in every part of your life.


How to Create a Happier Life with 1he Enneagram Process Exercises Workbook, 101 pages of additional guidance and exercises to help you put into practice what you learned from the book (PDF to download from our website).

Fully guaranteed. Try it for 30-days — if you are not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund when you return the book undamaged.

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