Build a Culture of Happiness in Your Home and Family

A cluttered home adds substantial stress to your life, while a well designed home can be thefoundation for your happiness. It gives you comfort and inspiration, and provides the structure to support and deepen your most important relationships.


Written from a systems management viewpoint, How to Create a Happier Home describes the processes used by experts in design, organization, home security and child development to help you create the perfect home.

Starting with the selection of a the right living space, this book walks you step-by-step through proven processes for creating the best environment for you and the people you most love. It includes:

  • The Essentials of Homemaking
  • Finding the Right Living Space
  • Creating Order Out of Chaos with Clutter Management Systems
  • The 5 Steps of Interior Design
  • The 25 Most Common Decorating Mistakes
  • Parenting with the Best Home Environment
  • Taming the Toy Monster
  • Managing the Outside World
  • Making Your Family Stronger
  • The Emotional Connection to Your Stuff

In an overscheduled and overworked world, take charge and design your perfect home to de-clutter the mess and de-stress your life

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