The Enneagram Types and Tips for Happiness

Happiness Tips by Enneagram Type

“The Enneagram Types and Tips for Happiness” provides practical tips for generating happiness in your life each day, without mysticism or vague language, or complex theories that just don’t work. Organized by personality type as defined by the Enneagram of Nine Personalities, these tips are custom tailored to how each person relates to the world — and people — that inhabit their lives.

This easy to use, quick reference guide includes a breakdown of the motivations, desires, strengths, fears, and weaknesses for each of the nine Enneagram Types. Plus, specific, practical happiness tips for each type gives you ideas for ways to avoid interfering in your own happiness. Written in a clear, easy-to-understand style, all in one little book you can carry with you!

There has been a tremendous body of research available from the past two decades on what makes people happy. There are certain qualities that are consistently present in the happiest and most successful people that happen to correspond with the higher traits described by the Enneagram. The Enneagram has been used to become more aware of unconscious and automatic behavior and to deepen spiritual awareness. These tips are specifically targeted at developing and strengthening the “happiness traits” of each type.

It may be helpful to read the tips for your Wings and your Arrows as well as your primary type. We have covered four areas of relationships, family, career and spirituality.

These tips can also be use as a guide for spotting ego-reactive behaviors for patterns that are typical to your personality type and as a way to learn more about how other types react.

We have not included extensive profiles in the book that are often found in Enneagram books. These Happiness Tips use the Enneagram proactively to make changes and take action that will support your happiness.

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