The Spiritual Side of Laughter

Laughter is one of the most profound and effective spiritual practices and yet it is also one of the most overlooked. There are even laughter meditations in some cultures. When you are feeling a crisis of faith; when you’re ¬†discouraged about the future; if you’re afraid for the way things are going in the world or feeling like you have no purpose, that is the exact moment that you need to stop and laugh.

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Mistaking Peak Spiritual Experience for Happiness

One way that people seek happiness is through peak spiritual experiences. These experiences can give a profound feeling of depth and connection to God (Spirit, Oneness or whatever word you use for a higher power).¬† But, peak experiences don’t create lasting happiness.

The mistake that many people make is expecting a peak spiritual experience to somehow set off a happiness explosion in their mind ending their emotional suffering. You may have seen this in the “workshop junkies” who spend their weekends looking for the high of “enlightenment” only to find it is gone in a day or two and only the jargon from the workshop remains. You can also see it in some churchgoers who have fervent worship experiences on Sunday but by Tuesday, nothing has changed in their life and they aren’t any happier or better prepared to cope with their problems.

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