The Unhappiness Of Hope

Hope can sometimes interfere with our happiness when it is practiced as a wish for something better. When we’re going through a tough period, we sometimes dream about the day when it will be better. We imagine a scenario that would be much better than the one we have right now and spend time fantasizing about the future.

This kind of “hope” sets us up for disappoint because those fantasies are merely reactions to a difficult period in our life. We call this hope but  it’s a fantasy. We get attached to the idea of it and then imagine we can’t possibly be happy without that fantasy. Should this fantasy actually happen, we are shocked when we’re still unhappy.

Happiness comes when we learn to live today with all of its highs and lows. When something tragic happens in our life, hope used constructively can motivate us to keep going and get us through.

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How Self-Talk Affects Your Happiness

When you closely examine what you say to yourself daily, you will be amazed at the destructive things you tell yourself. Things that you would never consider saying to another person, you tell yourself regularly and it has a substantial impact on your happiness.

These thoughts are like the recorded music in a department store. The music just plays while you barely notice it, but when you leave the store you have this tune stuck in your head and you’re not sure where it came from. Most of your self-talk isn’t even your own thoughts. They are messages from people who had influence over you as a child and were imprinted into your thoughts before you were ten years old. These old voice messages come from your parents, grandparents, teachers, church officials or maybe even the class bully from the third grade. It’s so automatic you barely notice it, but it affects the way you feel about yourself and your life.

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How Emotional Energy Affects Happiness

Emotions are energy in their purest form. Refusing to feel or accept your emotions causes the energy to remain stuck in the tissues of your body. This can cause a multitude of physical problems, such as back pain, headaches, intestinal problems, autoimmune system disorders, thyroid problems, cancer and more. Nerve cells are dispersed throughout the body during the period of gestation. These cells become part of the major organs of our body. This is why we have “gut feelings” and “heartaches.” These nerve cells are part of the system your body uses to sense and interpret emotional reactions.

People often believe that it’s best to leave the past buried and focus on the future as way of recovering from emotional wounds. Others think that the passage of time will eventually heal all wounds.

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