The Nine Ennea-Types

Type One: The Principled Idealist

ONEs are the people who work to bring goodness into the world. They’re the idealists and the activists with very high standards for themselves and everyone around them. At their best, they’re wise, ethical people known for their impeccable scruples and unwavering principles.

When they are not at their best, the pursuit of goodness becomes an intolerant drive for perfection — their definition of perfection. Stressed ONEs can be controlling and often critical of others when their standards are not met. They can also be self-righteous and impatient with the shortcomings in others.

ONEs most fear being bad or somehow corrupt. They may have trouble enjoying life because they keep such tight control on themselves, and a few minutes of relaxed playfulness feels like a lessening of standards. They’re also the kind of person you want to place in charge of an important task and no one will question their integrity. You’ll find them in positions that handle money, attorneys or public service.

Type Two: The Caring Nurturer

TWOs are the helpers and caregivers of the world. At their best, they see what is lovable in others and bring compassion to every situation. They can be warm and generous people concerned with encouraging and supporting others and worthy causes.

When not at their best, the desire to love becomes a drive to control by meddling in the lives of others. When stressed, they can be intrusive and possessive of the people close to them. They want to be rewarded for their kindnesses with attention and praise.

TWOs most fear being unworthy of love. They have trouble believing that others really care about them and often fail to see the genuine affection others have for them. They put their needs at the bottom of their priorities and then feel hurt for being used. You’ll find them in professions like nursing, teaching and the ministry.

Type Three: The Star Achiever

THREEs are the people who see the possibilities and work to achieve excellence. They’re ambitious with a strong work ethic and motivate others to reach for the best. They’re enthusiastic about life and find creative ways to be industrious and improve the world around them.

When not at their best, the pursuit of excellence becomes a competitive drive for status to impress others. They can be superficial and overly concerned with their image. They’re reluctant to allow intimacy with others because they don’t what to take the chance of not measuring up.

THREEs are most afraid of being worthless. They don’t believe they’ll be valued for who they are and try to earn love and acceptance through accomplishments. They can become a little vain and narcissistic when they achieve high levels of success. They’re also very friendly and tolerant of the foibles in others. Many corporate executives, managers and sales professionals are this Ennea-type.


Type Four: The Artistic Individualist

FOURs are the artists and the sensitive people of the world. At their best, they are creative, intuitive people with a great appreciation of what is beautiful. They’re sensitivity allows them to feel the depth of the suffering that exists in others.

At their worst, the appreciation of originality and beauty becomes a melancholy funk over being misunderstood and unseen by others. FOURs can be hypersensitive and very moody. Under stress, they can be self-absorbed and fret about how no one cares about them.

FOURs are most afraid of not being true to themselves as if they might be forced to become someone they cannot be. They have trouble believing that there is a place for them or that what they have to offer is valuable to anyone. FOURs can be dramatic, but are also the type most aware of their emotional state and the feelings of others. They use their sensitivity to be very creative.

Type Five: The Curious Investigator

FIVEs are the intellectuals and problem-solvers of the world. Many scientists and researchers are this Ennea-type because of their natural curiosity. At their best, they are clear thinking and open-minded people who are known for insights and analytical ability.

When at their worst, the pursuit of clarity becomes a cynical drive to always be right. FIVEs can be intellectually superior and emotionally disconnected. They’re argumentative and impatient with others when stressed.

FIVEs are most afraid of being incompetent. They don’t believe they have any real power over their lives and try to gain some by knowing more or being more competent than everyone around them. They can be a little stingy and secretive when they feel threatened. They’re also the person you want to be in charge of solving a particularly difficult problem because they won’t quit until they have figured it out.

Type Six: The Skeptical Loyalist

SIXes are both the champions and the rebels in the world. They see the value in the underdogs and work to bring about fairness. At their best they are loyal, dependable people known for being trustworthy and willing to work for a greater good.

At their worst, the pursuit of fairness becomes a downward spiral into fear, rebelliousness and rigidity. SIXes don’t always trust themselves and give in to anxiety, sometimes becoming paranoid or cynical.

SIXes are most afraid of losing their security and are deeply concerned about the actions and attentions of those in authority over them.  When they feel afraid, they can become suspicious and overly cautious of the opinions and motivations of people they don’t know well. When they feel safe in a relationship, they are great, loyal friends and romantic partners.

Type Seven: The Spirited Adventurer

SEVENs are the free spirits in their world and are often visionaries inspiring others. At their best they are joyful and open-minded people known for bringing innovative ideas to the challenges of life. They’re fun people to have around because of their quick minds and witty conversation skills.

At their worst, the pursuit of joy becomes an endless chain of momentary distractions and peak experiences. Stressed SEVENs can be restless, unfocused, unreliable and have a fear of commitment.

SEVENs are most afraid of being trapped and bored.  They have trouble believing that they’ll be able to find happiness and satisfaction in the normal routines of life, and often spend their time flitting from one experience to the next. SEVENs can be impulsive, self-absorbed, demanding and even abusive when they don’t get what they want. They can also be playful and inspiringly joyful once they learn to face their fears.

Type Eight: The Self-Reliant Asserter

EIGHTs are strong and passionate people with the self-confidence to be exactly who they are with no pretence. They are able to see situations with great accuracy and honesty because of their own unflinching self-honesty. EIGHTs are magnanimous and generous people who create environments where people can thrive. They’re often entrepreneurs.

At their worst, their pursuit of honesty becomes a determination to control and dominate others. They  are the more aggressive of the Ennea-types and can use their aggressiveness to intimidate others and be combative.

EIGHTs are most afraid of being controlled and unable to protect themselves and the ones they love. They can be territorial and ruthless, but they are also natural leaders and protectors of the ones they love. They are the most aggressive of the nine types, but they respect people who stand up to them and tell them when they’re being too pushy.

Type Nine: The Peacemaking Harmonizer

NINEs are the ones who bring people together with their calm, healing presence. They excel at finding ways to work through difficult situations by being non-judgmental of others.  At their best, they’re very balanced people who are often described as having a lot of personal presence.

At their worst, the pursuit of peace causes them to detach from their emotions and withdraw from connections to other people. They can be stubborn and passive-aggressive as they resist having their peaceful surroundings disturbed by others.

NINEs are most afraid of conflict causing them to be separated from the people and things they most love. They have trouble believing that their presence matters and are the most withdrawn of the nine types. They can also be warm and accepting people when they feel serene. When motivated, NINEs are very passionate and effective at whatever they decide to accomplish.